Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Children's Bed Linen Inspiration

We have many customer enquiries regarding making childrens bed linen from our fabric collections. Tamika, one of our talented customers purchased Good Travel and has sewn this fantastic quilt cover for her son.

Many of our fabric widths for children's novelty fabrics have a 110-112cm width, however Tamika has shown perfectly here, how magnificently bed linen can come up when choosing something like a spot, stripe or solid and combining with a children's print. This not only looks effective but is often more cost effective as well. When deciding upon a suitable fabric for linen or curtains for that matter it is important to pay attention to the direction the design runs. Some designs may not be suitable for example if the design runs in only one direction from selvedge to selvedge. This information on the direction the design runs is often noted in our fabric descriptions.

Thankyou Tamika for the lovely inspiration! This along with many more customer handmade items will be displayed in our NEW gallery soon. Our gallery upgrade is taking a little longer than expected but should be available for complete viewing soon!


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Love it! Very talented lady.

Unknown said...

You have done really great work. Currently I am also on the hunt for the Kas Bed Sheets for my kids.

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