Sunday, November 29, 2009

Summer Sewing with Nicey Jane

Heather Bailey's latest collection 'Nicey Jane' is HOT in our store! May I just say that this new full collection is bursting at the seams with inspiration!!

Dresses & skirts for women and children, bags, quilts... the sky is the limit with this gorgeous collection in fresh summery colourways that have become a signature for Heather Bailey.

See below for more inspirational images from Heather Bailey..

We also have her latest adorable 'Henrietta' turtle sewing pattern..

Enough inspiration... Leave a comment on your top 3 picks from this full collection of 40 and we will randomly select one winner to receive a half metre of your favourite three. Winner posted here in a weeks time. In the meantime Happy Christmas Sewing!


Andi said...

Wash Day ticking in pink
Lindy leaf in tangerine
Hello roses gold

Thanks for the giveaway chance.
Andi :-)

Ashley said...

oooh I'm loving the lemony colourway of everything but that picnic bouquet is lovely! and i *need* that turtle pattern!

Brissmiths said...

It's all gorgeous but I especially love Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Pocketbook Rose

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Pocketbook Rose

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Hello Roses Dove

Susan :)

Georgia said...

*Gasp!* I didn't realise this was available already! To choose just three is difficult! I like Church Flowers in pink, Wash day Ticking in pink, and ...picnic bouquet in gold...or lagoon..or tangerine. :-)

9crafty11 said...

oohh lots of inspirition! Lovely range, & I have narrowed my 3 down to Hop Dot Cherry, Lindy Leaf Blue, & Wash Day Ticking Pink. Can see lovely womens clothes out of these!

Mary said...

Beautiful fabric and I would love to know the what pattern the dress at the top is. My faves are the blue leaf, dream dot clementine, and swin toss grass.

Esther Greenwood said...

This is a super gorgeous line - all of it! But if I have to choose three favourites they would be PICNIC BOUQUET SKY, SWING TOSS GRASS and LINDY LEAF BLUE.

I also just love the dresses in the inspirational images. Do you know what patterns were used?


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Elissa,
Its a bit of a tall order to pick just 3. I love the leaves, the hot dots and stripes, but my fave 3 are perhaps (and this could easily change LOL):
nicey jane dream dot clementine,
nicey jane welcome road slate and
nicey jane hop dot cherry

flowerpress said...

What a pretty range. I love the hello gold and hello olive and the picnic bouquet tangerine the most!

Karen said...

So girly and sweet! I have a pink loving girl so I'd have to say, Church flowers, Lindy leaf and welcome road all in pink!
Thanks for the chance to win.

lolliegirl said...

It's hard to choose just 3 favourites! I'm going to have to go with...

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf Pink

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf Green

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Dream Dot Clementine

That turtle is so cute.. Maybe I'll have to have a word with Santa ;)

Pickle said...

Just beautiful. I'm loving church flowers in pink, slim dandy in pink and pocketbook rose. I have a lovely bag pattern that these would be brilliant for.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous collection,

my favourites

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Pocketbook Moss
Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Church Flowers Blue
Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf Green

emma.seaton said...

Thank you for the much needed blast of summer that has brightened a very cold winters morning! My picks would be the hello roses cream, Lindy leaf pink and wash day ticking pink.
I adore the turtle - the check works so well with the pretty floral shell... so cute x

Nosovich said...

What a beautiful collection. It almost makes me want to be a 50's housewife!
My favourites are:
Wash day tickling dandelions, church flowers blue, and hop dot sky.
Thanks Elissa!

Tricia said...

So sweet and fresh. My favourites are the welcome road lemongrass, welcome road sky, and hop dot cream. I can think of all sorts of goodies to make my little boy from these three!

ash said...

mmm all lovely! i like lindy leaf tangerine, red hop dot and swing toss grass :)

Lou said...

WOW... they are gorgeous!!

My fav are

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Church Flowers Pink
Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Dream Dot Celery
Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Wash Day Ticking Pink

Also love to find out where the patterns came from??