Friday, September 11, 2009

Creative Customer August Competition Winner

As always their were so many fantastic entries in this months creative customer competition! Be sure to have a look at our customers amazing talents showcased in our handmade inspiration gallery.

Congrats to Rebekah who made this fabulous and funky laptop bag using a combination of Amy Butler, Kokka Yugyoku Floral Purple and Kokka Croquant Brown Stripe fabrics.

I chose Rebekah's laptop bag this month as I loved how she pulled off such an amazing and eye-catching bag using three very different fabrics that came together so well! Notice how the croquant stripe is the same tone as in the outline of Amy Butler's design and also came together well with the white within both of these fabrics and the Yugyoku floral also picked up and complimented a couple of colour's in the Amy Butler fabric while at the same time introducing new colours to the mix contributing to the funkiness of this bag. The basic stripe also broke up and worked really well with the two patterned fabrics. Great eye Rebekah and what an inspiration! Rebekah has been inspired by Amy Butler patterns but also managed to put this bag together based on things she has seen over the years. I also love the chair the bag is hanging from.... where can I get myself one of these?

Thanks to all customers who were a part of our competition last month and I look forward to receiving this month's entries of customer creativeness! Further details on entering are available here.

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BettsyKingston said...

Fantastic bag and great use of fabrics. Well deserved winner!