Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Devastation

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all Victorians who have lost their homes, loved ones, friends or are still awaiting news on those who are missing due to the devastating bushfires over this weekend.

Kinglake & St Andrews are only 10-15mins from where we live and our daughter will return to school in the morning and is likely to hear at her assembly about the loss of life and property of people known to the school and our local community.

We are also very proud of our two daughters who willingly donated some of their toys & books to the local appeal. Although still young they are also sad for the children & families affected.

We also praise the heroic acts of our CFA, St Johns, Red Cross and other selfless volunteers who have risked their lives to protect others.

We would like to donate 10% of sales this week to the Victorian Bushfire appeal, and in some way help those who have lost so much (if that is at all possible).


renae said...

I'm glad you're safe given you're so close by. I hope the news isn't too awful. It's just so tragic.

In The Round said...

Elissa, that is such a great contribution. I too am so sad to hear of the suffering so many are facing. Having had a very sick child over the last few months, I empathise with the anxiety and fear so many must be facing. I too am proud that our daughter, only 3, is happy to go through her toys and clothes and donate to those littlies who've lost it all. You've inspired me to place another order this week!

Cheers, Sophie.

Bree said...

glad to hear that you are safe and well. our thoughts are with everyone in Victoria at the moment.