Friday, November 7, 2008

Matryoshka Mobile or Pram Tie

My new DIY project uses Kristen Doran's beautiful Matryoshka Doll craft panel.

The great thing about this project is most of the work is done for you with Kristen's fabulous design. All you need to do is fold the craft panel in half, cut around the 8 matryoshka dolls, sew together with the insertion of tabs using left over coordinating print from the backing, stuff, hand sew the opening closed and let your own creative juices flow with how you wish to hang your gorgeous dolls.

I used one of the new wooden bag handles available here to hang my girls using fishing line.

I also pinned the dolls on to a lovely embroidered ribbon to show you this effect. Hung as a vertical mobile shows the nesting effect of the dolls well. This way would be perfect also using a few dolls for a pram tie or even another DIY project would be to make your own infant floor play gym and attach dolls overhead for baby to play with. I think I will try this last idea with Kristen Doran's drummer boys that will soon be available in my store.

A matryoshka mobile, pram tie or play gym would make such a special christmas gift for a newborn. A child or adult would adore a beautiful handmade matryoshka mobile.

Finally, I would love to get into the Christmas spirit and launch a 'ITS A HANDMADE CHRISTMAS' competition. Please share some of your handmade Xmas gifts by emailing a photo to and I will post them here on my blog in the hope of providing Xmas inspiration to others.

This competition will be left wide open and does not necessarily have to involve fabric but must be HANDMADE. It would be fantastic if I received many entries for this one so spread the word and I will get to thinking about a lovely SURPRISE gift pack. On the 20th of December I will post details of both the prize and the winner!

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Jodie said...

Hi Elissa, it was great to meet you the other week at Yarra Glen. Your site is lovely with lots of gorgeous things.