Monday, October 20, 2008

Wall Art and Magnetic Noticeboard in One!

When I first laid eyes on Shannon Lamden's fab new fabric design 'letterhead' I knew exactly what I was going to make! I had filed away in my DIY file a fantastic 'make it' idea from Real Living magazine - a 'magnetic mood board'. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the issue it came from so if someone may be able to help me out with this one that would be great!

I covered my canvas with the Kelani exclusive colourway for 'Letterhead' white on hessian, but there are three other exclusive colourways here in Shannon's latest funky design. See below image for how to make the canvas with this useful magnetic feature.

Once you have decided on the size of your canvas, take the inside dimensions or the actual canvas to a steel supplier and request a thin sheet (approx 0.8mm) of galvanised metal to fit inside the frame. I went to a local steel supplier who had a large offcut, enough to make about 10 of these and who only charged me $10 as it was buckled in some areas which I was able to work around and this also gave me extra to make more as presents. I was lucky and had a friend who was able to cut the metal to size for me, but the steel supplier should do it at a small cost.

Sourcing and going out and buying the metal is the hardest part. The next step was simple, I just spray glued both the metal and the inside of the canvas, inserted the metal sheet and placed some heavy books to help the metal to adhere to the canvas surface. Heh presto I have myself a new funky noticeboard!

I was so thrilled with my new noticeboard (thanks Real Living!) that I made another straight away in Amy Butler's 'Fresh Start - Moss' from her latest home decorating 'August Fields' collection.

What I love about this Real Living DIY project is it has a dual function of being both wall art and a noticeboard in one! I must say I have been loving Real Living mag with its fantastic 'make it' ideas and look forward to more as easy and effective as this one.


Belinda said...

Another thought would be to apply magnetic paint to the canvas before you cover it in fabric.

Great use of Aunty Cookie's fabric.

renae said...

Wow, they look great!!

In a freaky 'great minds think alike coincidence' we both have 'Fabrics to Inspire' and 'Blogs to Inspire' as titles on our link lists!

I'm so excited to discover your fabric shop - the fall in the Aussie dollar has made it to expensive to buy it from Etsy in US$ now. So yay for your store! I'll definitely be putting an order in sometime soon!


ps - i'm having trouble getting this comment to post, so apologies if you end up with 10 versions of it!

mixtapezine said...

nice one