Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW Echino Fall 2010

Echino Perch

Echino Fall 2010 has just arrived and is available in store now! This collection has a large focus on birds along with a gorgeous animal themed design called 'Woodland' which is very similar to its echino predecessors Quiet Ground and Grassy Plains. In keeping with all the former Echino collections, this range has all the bold and striking colourways that we have come to love in Etsuko Furuya's designs.

Below and above are each of the designs along with fabulous 'Echino' inspiration! Visit our store for the full range of colourways available. Popular uses for this fabric range from clothing and bags to home decor pieces such as cushions, lampshades, quilts, tablecloths and napery, wall art, blinds, curtains and even upholstery.

Echino Flap

Echino Flap has a gorgeous larger scale bird in wreath design on one half of the fabric width and a smaller scale bird design on the other half of the fabric width. The spots on the solid colour run down the middle separating these two stunning designs. This fabric would look stunning made into a cushion or tablecloth or dress like Etsuko's above.

Echino Story
Echino Story features a beautiful 'cheater' print. This design would look magical made into a quilt cover or cot set for a child's bedroom or nursery.

Echino Woodland

Echino Bonbon

We look forward to adding many inspirational creations made up in these fabrics by our talented customers to our gallery in the coming months. Happy Sewing and Decorating!