Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vegie Smugglers

A fabulous NEW book arrived on my doorstep the other day! The author Wendy Blume has magically taken away the frustration of finding new menu items our kids will enjoy that are healthy too with this beautifully presented cookbook called Vegie Smugglers.

The kids and I have been enjoying cooking from this book over the past week and I highly recommend it, particularly as it takes the guesswork out of 'what to cook tonite' for a busy mum & more than anything puts the 'fun' back into mealtimes for kids. I was pleasantly surprised and a little excited to see that Wendy had had her gorgeous meals attractively photographed on many of the beautiful fabrics she has purchased from our store.

Soooo, if these gorgeous pics have made you a little hungry and you think this book will assist in adding some interest to your 'feeding time at the zoo' too then head over here to purchase a book...